First phase of Relationship Science’s brand campaign is completed.

Amid growing industry speculation, Relationship Science, (, opened its doors for business in February 2013. Led by founder, Neal Goldman and his team of seasoned industry veterans, the company introduced its online business development tool, called RelSci, along with Arkadia-designed collateral including the company’s website, sales and marketing collateral, and brand communications.

Arkadia began work with Relationship Science in September 2012. Early into the engagement, it was readily apparent that the company had a unique and technically sophisticated product that would require an equally unique and sophisticated visual solution. The result is an experience that is, at all times, original and bold, surprising and refreshing, thoughtful and memorable.

When asked about Arkadia’s process for creating Relationship Science’s new visual identity, Tika Buchanan, Arkadia’s Creative Director responded, “There is no one particular aesthetic that Arkadia prescribes to. Every client gets an entirely new solution. One thread that seems to run through our work however, is a certain humanity, be that emotive typography, humor, handcraftedness and a specific attention to details.

Our work tends not to be cold or restrained and turns away from austerity and rigidity. We enjoy breaking rules, and injecting passion wherever possible. People relate to that. We think they enjoy it. There is always an expressive, colorful voice in everything we create. This is our approach for all Arkadia clients and, in particular, Relationship Science.

The response to the brand has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to the next phase of work for our client.”


Arkadia completes design
of Sleep No More‘s Volume 2 program.

Sleep No More, Volume 2 has just shipped and will be on sale at the end of each show. Sleep No More is the off-Broadway hit that has garnered critical acclaim from audiences and reviewers.

The Volume 2 program is a replica of 1930s period typography, design, photography, and illustration. Print production techniques included custom ink colors, custom made paper stocks, French folding, and two dies for a cover featuring the best of blind embossing.

Arkadia and the Punchdrunk theater company pushed the modern boundaries of print to achieve the intended design. Considered by many to be its own work of art, this program is sure to sell quickly.


Lucius launches Go Home video.

Brooklyn-based Indie band Lucius announces the release of its new music video, Go Home, premiering on Filter Magazine, and created by Arkadia & Co. The video is a stop-motion fantasy featuring ball-jointed dolls, sculpted in the likeness of band members Jess Wolfe and Holly Proctor.


Arkadia completes design of
TE11 conference overview.

After the success of Techonomy’s annual conference (TE11), Arkadia completed a conference overview booklet summarizing key events for the November 2011 conference.

Similar in look and feel to the TE11 program, the conference overview is filled with insights, key takeaways, factoids, and vivid photography memorializing the 3-day conference for all who attended.


Arkadia completes design of
2011 Techonomy conference.

After four months of intensive work, Arkadia is very pleased with the results of its designs for Techonomy Media’s annual conference. Covered by bloggers and major news organizations alike, the Arkadia-designed TE11/Tucson conference was acknowledged by all as a major success.

Together with Techonomy founder and author of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick, Arkadia created a visual body of work that reinforced the company’s basic position. That Techonomy is about the centrality of technology to business and social progress and the urgency of embracing the rapid pace of change brought by technology. Techonomy believes the relevance of leaders depends on understanding and keeping this conviction at the forefront of their thinking.

The 2011 conference focused on Revolutions in Progress, and the growing mismatch between the desires and capabilities of technology-empowered individuals and the habits and practices of the institutions, corporations and governments that serve them. Techonomy aims to help leaders understand this growing tension and to formulate appropriate new strategies for communication, leadership and innovation.

Held against the desert landscape at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Marana, Arizona, Arkadia founders, Tika Buchanan and Alberta Jarane were able to meet a select group of some of the world’s best known technologists and innovators.


WeRecycle! launches newly designed web site.

Westchester based, electronics recycler, WeRecycle! launched their newly designed website. Considered by all to be a dramatic transformation and a leading indicator of the company’s commitment to securing its position in the marketplace, the new site is a destination for residents and municipalities who want to learn more about electronics recycling. And while the site contains a wide and provocative range of information (editorial and facts) related to electronics recycling, site visitors can also learn how the recycling process takes place, what makes WeRecycle! distinctive in the marketplace and most important, where old electronics can be recycled.

Arkadia & Co. worked closely with the WeRecycle! team to design a distinct look and feel that blends concise and impactful editorial with a design look-and-feel that is both elemental and bold while remaining educational and engaging through its color palette and use of illustrated content. The site contains custom designed illustrations that were meant to simplify the user experience while highlighting key editorial facts. The architecture and design of the site successfully separates the brand and its messaging from its competitors, taking advantage of a marketplace populated by standard websites with no particular voice or message. The site succeeds in its functionality with simple and intuitive navigation. Site features and functionality are supported by a robust CMS tool that gives WeRecycle! the ability to freely update all site content.

Arkadia & Co. has been actively involved in the brand revitalization and marketing efforts of WeRecycle!. In an ongoing partnership, Arkadia continues to work on several brand and marketing initiatives that help secure WeRecycle!’s position as the number-one electronics recycler in the northeast United States.


Techonomy Media, Inc. rolls
out new brand identity and
launches new web site.

Manhattan-based, Techonomy Media, Inc. launched their newly designed web site today. The new site features a distinctive site architecture complete with features and functionality that support the technology based mission of the company. The site is firmly grounded by the new design of Techonomy’s logo and naming of the company’s conferences.

Techonomy’s brand identity needed to reflect the refined positioning of this young company. Simplifying the Techonomy name to its elemental form of T+E (technology + economy) gave the simple and bold identity a provocative form that is memorable and versatile in its application.

The easily recognizable TE symbol is associated with all Techonomy-related businesses and activities. Variations of the TE symbol have already taken root in the marketplace. The TE symbol will be used as the main design element for all future Techonomy conferences.

Led by Techonomy founder and author of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick, now Forbes COO, Mike Federle, and Techonomy Chief Program Officer, Simone Ross, Arkadia worked closely with this creative and experienced team to conceptualize, design, and produce all elements of their brand identity and web site.

Throughout this assignment, Arkadia was guided by Techonomy’s basic mission. That Techonomy is about the centrality of technology to business and social progress and the urgency of embracing the rapid pace of change brought by technology. That every major issue going forward will be affected by how it intersects with tech innovation. Techonomy believes the relevance of leaders depends on understanding and keeping this conviction at the forefront of their thinking.

Arkadia has been actively involved in the brand development of Techonomy Media, Inc. In an ongoing partnership, Arkadia continues to build a body of work that strategically positions the company for short- and long-term growth.


Arkadia & Co. designs Volume 1
program for off-Broadway hit,
Sleep No More.

Punchdrunk, the London-based theater company behind the off-Broadway theatrical performance of Sleep No More, selected Arkadia & Co. to design and produce a unique program for their critically acclaimed, sold-out play.

Of the show, Ben Brantley of the New York Times wrote, A merry macabre chase. A voyeur’s delight. Messes with your head as thoroughly as any artificial stimulant. Spectacular! While Scott Brown of New York Magazine wrote, The show infects your dreams. I’ve felt theater overwhelm me before, but until Sleep No More, I’ve never felt it pass through me. It was a lovely evening in hell, one I’ll be recovering from for some time.

With reviews like this (and many more!), it was imperative that Arkadia design a printed program that captured the immersive qualities and macabre essence of the play. Arkadia was given unprecedented access to the McKittrick Hotel where original photography was shot. The sultry, sensual, and ominous images grace most pages of the program. Hand drawn illustrations, reminiscent of the period, again created by Arkadia, grace several pages to reinforce the intent of the play. This collision of distinctive visual art and a brilliant editorial delivery reinforces why so many who go to the show come back again and again.

Arkadia & Co. employed the finest printing techniques to insure compatibility with the storyline. Program holders remain connected to the show long after they leave the theater with their purchase of a program.

Arkadia & Co. continues to collaborate with Punchdrunk on the design of the second volume of Sleep No More‘s program to be released in the second quarter of 2012.


WeRecycle! selects Arkadia to design a branded e-waste disposal system for consumers.

Westchester based, electronics recycler, WeRecycle! selected Arkadia & Co., to collaborate on the design of an e-waste product for residents and individuals to dispose of their old electronics. As a leader in the e-waste recycling business, WeRecycle! is actively securing its marketplace position with messages, tools, and events that promote the company’s strong environmental message.

To be launched in 2012, it’s anticipated that the e-waste disposal product will further raise awareness about the e-waste problem and provide consumers with a means to dispose of their old electronics. Arkadia & Co. will play a central role in helping the WeRecycle! team identify the opportunities for disposal while connecting consumers to the product in a visually distinct and memorable way.

Arkadia & Co. is actively involved in the company’s brand revitalization and marketing efforts. We work closely with the WeRecycle! team on a number of projects intended to educate, inform, and encourage action by its constituents. Our ongoing collaboration will help secure WeRecycle!’s position as the number-one electronics recycler in the northeast United States.  


Manhattan Neighborhood Network selects Arkadia to design environmental signage for its East Harlem TV station.

The face of community television is changing and Arkadia & Co. is excited to be a part of this transformation. Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), the community television station for the borough of Manhattan, is expanding its reach into NYC communities first with the complete renovation of its new East Harlem facility. Intended to increase the level of access to community television in the East Harlem neighborhood, the new facility will give locals training, recording, and access to state-of-the art broadcast equipment. Housed in a landmark firehouse on East 104th Street, MNN is forging ahead with its vision of true access for all Manhattan neighborhoods.

Arkadia & Co. was tasked with designing a signage system for the space that would both help visitors find their way as well as integrate a culturally and historically aware design into the renovated look-and-feel of the space. Arkadia conceived, designed, and produced a direct and typographically bold system that simplifies the wayfinding process while providing harmony to a visually appealing system of signs. Arkadia pushed the concept by incorporating the work of local artists into the signage system, further embedding MNN into the hearts and minds of the largely Hispanic community it serves.