Beauty & Fragrance Web Site Pitch


Copyright © 2009, Chanel. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. Produced as a pitch for Chanel while employed at Razorfish.

Back in the day, the thought of designing an ecommerce site with a cinematic influence filled clients with dread (how much?) and designers with glee (nobody’s done that before!).

As a designer, sometimes you have to be a trailblazer willing to take calculated risks to help your clients see new opportunities for meaningful brand expression. And even when clients aren’t willing to take the risk, rather than throw it all away, we thought we’d share it here.

The fragrance and beauty section of Chanel.com needed a makeover and our suggestion was an immersive cinematic experience that would give the user a fuller appreciation for product and product lines. Large product photography, clean canvass, intuitive navigation, elegant motion and sound, the concept really worked. Or at least we thought so.