Global Packaging


Copyright © 2007, Dewar's. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. Produced for Dewar's while employed at VSA Partners, Inc.

How do you propel a 150-year old brand into the upper echelons of premium and super-premium blended Scotch whiskies? We conducted design research with old and new whiskey drinkers and found interesting insights into their personal and social preferences. The fact is, Scotch is no longer just your father’s drink and the market for a new generation of blended scotch whiskey drinkers was ready to give Dewar’s a try.

The House of Dewar’s marketing team loved our insights and gave us the room, but not much time, to develop a new conceptual brand platform for the Dewar’s identity and packaging.

Ultimately, we redesigned the global packaging for Dewar’s entire line of products—from White Label to 12-year to 18-year to Signature. The final design convinced the hard-selling, global Dewar’s marketing team that they now had a premium brand reference in the highly competitive scotch whiskey category.

And the results have been strong. Dewar’s White Label is the #1 selling blended scotch whiskey in the U.S. Dewar’s 12-year, 18-year, and Signature brands continue to receive industry accolades and awards.

So may we suggest a bit of haggis with your scotch on the rocks?