Lucius: Go Home

Music Video


Copyright © 2012, Lucius. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission.

Arkadia is proud that so much of our business is based on referrals and returning clients. And the Brooklyn-based band called Lucius is no exception. Our collaboration began with the design of the group’s first CD, followed by the creation of their first music video called Shenandoah to the creation of their latest video called Go Home.

The song and the video premiered under the Filter music label to critical industry and fan acclaim. Completely captivating! Endless thanks to all of your team for such masterful artistry embodied in this project, wrote one admirer of the video.

What makes this video so compelling and rich in execution and storytelling is its completely original concept. Created and directed by Tika Buchanan, Arkadia’s Creative Director, Go Home features expertly crafted stop motion animation of two dolls (created by the versatile and talented Japanese doll maker, Yuuichi Hanano) expressing their sorrow over a lost love and defiance to move on. The rich and sultry vocals of Jess Wolfe and Holly Proctor combine to deliver a cinematic experience that could only be shot by client and friend, Maura McEvoy.

Go Home delivers a rich and memorable experience that is intricate and unique yet fragile in its handcrafted detail. We used over 75,000 still photos to create the 3 minute animation. The video is certain to entertain while continuing to bring well-deserved recognition and prominence to the group.

Arkadia loves to shoot video and we think Go Home is a moving testament to the old adage, Do what you love…