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There’s an art to great science and a science to great art. And when the power of innovative intellectual biomedical thinking and unrestricted creative expression collide, the results are profound, enduring, and deeply satisfying.

We worked with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to deliberately evolve its brand to better represent its conservative but provocative, sensible but risk-taking, culture and approach to understanding some of the most fundamental questions about human life.

One of the best examples of our collaboration was the redesign of the Institute’s award-winning quarterly magazine, the Bulletin. Awarded the Society of Publication Designers’ highest award for a non-newsstand publication, the Bulletin combines a strong editorial voice with original illustration and photography, fresh typography, and a bold color palette to demystify the complexities of biomedical research for both the layperson and the experienced scientist.

Can science become art? We think so.