Brand Concept


Copyright © 2007, The Williams Agency. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further
reproduction prohibited without permission. Produced for The Williams Agency while employed at VSA Partners, Inc.

Remember how buying a vacuum cleaner was simply a choice between a canister or an upright? Or that the only vacuum cleaners worth their weight were those made by Hoover? After all, it’s what your mother used year after year. And do you remember how those vacuum cleaners seemed to last  f-o-r-e-v-e-r?

Talk about an industry ripe for new ideas not to mention a healthy dose of competition!

And that’s just what happened when, seemingly out of nowhere, Dyson entered the market. Sleek designs, well-priced, with features and functionality appropriate for even the most discerning household. The brand was well on its way to number-one status. A classic case of new competition disrupting an entire market.

As the enduring incumbent, Hoover failed, over the years, to innovate and deliver new, relevant and credible messages to the next generation of vacuum cleaner buyers. If Hoover was going to survive it needed to respond, and fast, to stop the bleeding and remain a contender.

Martin|Williams Advertising (formerly The Williams Agency in MN) asked us (while we were at VSA Partners) to work with them on a pitch to Hoover. We designed a clean, bold, and more streamlined look. We used simple color schemes of red and white and combined that with a bold voice underscoring Hoover vacuum cleaner’s suction strength and versatility.

Our new and contemporary brand expression for Hoover was used as input to ultimately relaunch the brand.