Martha Stewart Paint Accessories

Paint Accessory Packaging


Copyright © 2002, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. Produced for MSLO while employed at MSLO.

There’s nothing more intimidating than standing in front of a great wall of products you aren’t familiar with and trying to figure out the right thing to buy. Particularly paintbrushes.

The primary brand message of Martha Stewart Everyday Kmart products is “great design at affordable prices.” The second message, subtle, but just as powerful, is “simplicity and ease of use.” Martha continually tries to guide consumers through the frustrating amount of information that shoppers navigate through in big superstores, by presenting her products as clearly as possible. Her products are generally categorized by a star system — from the basic three stars to the finest quality five star products.

With this line we took it a step further and coupled large numerical graphics with a color system to aid in the separation of paintbrush and roller attributes. To those accessories that did not differentiate by quality, we gave a universal green.

Work like this paved the way for superstore retailers and high profile celebrities to offer attainable and affordable products with mass market appeal.