Martha Stewart Holiday Accessories

Holiday Packaging


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The Martha Stewart Everyday line of holiday products was conceived as a way of selling holiday decor ideas and products, to the consumer who had little knowledge about how to decorate their home come December. Seven decor themes, including Classic Christmas (red and green), Woodland (natural), Golden Christmas, and First Snowfall (icy blue) were presented, each with a few hundred products, and each with a very long shopping aisle dedicated to them.

What the shopper witnessed when browsing down one of these themed aisles, was a sea of product and packaging devoted to one color story. Themes shared a common metallic color, and an “open” construction, designed to maximize visiblilty of the product. Product and packaging aligned perfectly and helped the Kmart customer make not only a practical decision but an intuitive one. Which theme worked best for most? Classic of course (red and green), followed closely by First Snowfall (icy blue) Those products that did not fall under specific themes, such as lighting shared a chartreuse and silver palette.

Industry press promotions leading up to the launch included a roll of custom designed wrapping paper with the invitation to the press event silkscreened onto the actual roll. Another was an oversized poster (see left) that perforated into postcards that journalists, stylists and editors could use to help create a buzz about this exciting product introduction.