Relationship Science

Brand Program and Website


In the domain of new ideas, entrepreneurship thrives. Getting to market, however, is no easy task during tough economic times. Armed with $60 million in investor belief and support, our client, Relationship Science, emerged from a unique vision backed by a heavyhitter list of investors to a viable marketplace entity in February 2013.

The vision of the company is to provide business development professionals with a tool that helps connect them with the people and companies that matter most. RelSci users have access to a sophisticated database of over 2 million public profiles. Access to these profiles streamlines the business development process and strengthens the depth of relationship knowledge that business development professionals need.

In a recent NY Times article, Kenneth Langone, a financier and co-founder in Home Depot, said that when he saw a demonstration of the system he nearly fell off his chair. He used an unprintable four-letter word. “My life is all about networking,” said Mr. Langone, who was so enthusiastic he became an investor
and recently joined the board of Relationship Science. “How many times do I say, How do I get to this guy? It is scary how much it helps.”

“We live in a service economy,” Neal Goldman, Relationship Science founder, said. “Building relationships is the most important part for selling and growing.”

Arkadia worked alongside Neal and CMO Josh Mait to launch a unique brand,marketing,
and sales experience. Our team included strategic, design, account management, editorial, photographic, development, and production talent. Phase 1 of our work included many deliverables for both RelSci’s external and internal audiences. From sales and marketing tools (web site, product design consulting, onboarding kit, segment overviews, pitch deck, and brochure) to internal brand collateral (stationery, posters, and brand guidelines), our client envisioned a complete, and evolving, brand and sales experience.

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