Sleep No More, Vol. 2

Theater Program


Copyright © 2012, Punchdrunk. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission.

Many say that print is dead, that it’s a luxury few will opt for in the future. Are we so immersed in all things digital that we’ve forgotten, or given up on, the real and tangible benefits of a simply beautiful, elegantly crafted printed piece?

Volume 2 of the Sleep No More print program is an exquisite companion to the hit, off-Broadway show. This is our second collaboration with the award winning theater company Punchdrunk. Sleep No More is a daring interpretation of classic theater characterized by an immersive experience that has audiences and reviewers singing the show’s praises. The show is expressive, macabre, sensual, and haunting, transporting audiences to a time influenced by 1930s film noir for an intoxicating and surreal experience. Our task was to create a program for audiences to purchase that essentially memorialized the show.

We were given rare carte blanche to explore a new version of the program. What emerged was a design filled with surprise, editorial intrigue, motion filled photography, homage to old school advertising, elegant French folds, printed plates, and hand drawn illustrations. And even then, we saved the best for the cover.

An intricately illustrated thistle, refined in detail by Arkadia, is blind embossed on a French folded cover. The highs and lows of the multi-level emboss die makes the thistle feel as though it’s bursting off the page. Centered with the Latin proverb, Ulula cum lupus cum quibus esse cupis (“Who keeps company with wolves, will learn to howl.”), the result is a period piece that’s eerily reminiscent of the show.

We think it’s simply a work of art.