Livo Brand Concept


Copyright © 2007, Steelcase. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. Produced for Steelcase while employed at VSA Partners, Inc.

As designers, we love to see our work up in lights. But, from time to time, clients come to us for just our ideas. Why? What? How? These are questions we answer all the time.

So when Steelcase wondered what an office furniture business that blurred the line between business and home would be called and what it would look like, we jumped at the chance to develop a conceptual visual language for a lifestyle company that still was just an idea on a drawing board.

Enter LIVO, the premium furniture sub-brand of Steelcase that would appeal to the audience segment that ran businesses looking for a unique design signature. Businesses that demanded quality craftsmanship blended with an appreciation for design. LIVO customers were not going to buy office furniture from the standard catalogue.

So we closed the doors, filled our coffee cups and debated, sketched, erased, argued, laughed, cut, and pasted our way to exploring the brand expression for LIVO. From naming, identity, and brand manifesto, to product literature, web site, and t-shirts, we explored the gamut.

The client loved our work making it the foundation for Steelcase’s new brand called Coalesse.