Web Site and Awareness Campaign


Did you know that 74% of old electronics are exported overseas where unprotected workers burn, dump, smash, and bury the e-waste? Neither did we. Which is why, when asked by WeRecycle! to redesign their web site, we knew we had to get the facts out about why electronics recycling is so important.

Arkadia designed the web site with the goal of keeping WeRecycle! first in mind to its broad and diverse audience. To get there, we needed to understand the company and its offerings and during that process, discovered a profoundly relevant, yet previously untold story. WeRecycle’s web site and editorial content is considered a dramatic transformation and proof of the company’s leadership position. The site contains a range of content — engaging editorial, bold data visualizations and photography — all intended to educate, inform, and motivate users to act.

Lauren Dykes, Marketing Manager at WeRecycle! said, We began working with Arkadia on the redesign of our web site. They came in and met with us to talk through the initial process, got down and dirty in our warehouse taking pictures and really got a feel for WeRecycle! before beginning any work on the site. The end result was a vivid transformation of our brand. The clean but bold images and our new editorial voice perfectly convey WeRecycle!’s internal energy and commitment to the environment. The feedback has been fantastic.

Our work continues with several projects that are well underway. Save the world by delivering an important message about electronics recycling? It’s all in a day’s work.

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